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All I got was a text from this number saying they were helping me with a fault I reported, but I returned the text to say I wanted to change my account. They asked for my E-mail address and home phone number but never came back to me regarding the new contract they were offering. Is this TalkTalk?

By: Anonymous

134 days ago
received calls from another number & a text claiming to be openreach fiber engineer regarding a fault... i ignored the text & calls. 1 hour later receive a message from this number claiming to be talltalk and my service issue has been resolved but if i have issues to message the number back, clearly a scam ( i havent had or reported any faults)

By: Anonymous

137 days ago
contacted me 11 x, 2 days later suspicious as they hadnt helped me - which is why we have moved from Talk Talk to BT!!!! So perhaps Talk Talk may actually sort this out now!!! I have given them name, postcode, router type, landline number, asked how many devices. Phone crackling mentioned covid

By: Anonymous

143 days ago
As soon as I spoke with Talk talk about a line change this number contacted me and wanted all my details. very suspicious. Either someone at Talk Talk is selling the details or they have malware or someone at OpenReach is doing it.

By: Anonymous

160 days ago
Do not use this after reporting a fault with internet was put onto this number and they text me realised they were a scam they need investigating am not pleased as they damaged my home phone and of course didn’t fix the problem.

By: Anonymous

168 days ago
Phoned talk talk tech issue advised sending engineer. Then this 2 mins after putting phone down. It just seemed suspicious so I Google it. Glad I did.

By: Anonymous

171 days ago
This is definitely someone who works with Talk Talk and has sold on our numbers.Do not use this number +447378905544 .

By: Anonymous

172 days ago
After logging call TalkTalk got texts asking for name address etc etc seems like data mining scam home phone line stuck on voicemail and no ring tone .

By: Anonymous

174 days ago

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