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07378905544 scam number asks for your account details

By: Anonymous

3 days ago
Having reported a wifi fault to TalkTalk, by landline,I got a text from this number, very soon, afterwords.Coincidence? Thinking it was genuine,I gave them my name and email address.What do I do? PLEASE BLOCK(Also informed my mobile phone service O2)

By: Anonymous

6 days ago
I checked my landline connection and was told i had a fault. Talktalk emailed me and then a text from this number telling me an engineer would be with me in 2 working days, this number went on to tell me talktalk wanted to divert my landline and start to ask me to confirm security questions

By: Anonymous

11 days ago
Received a text message from this number that coincided with a call I made to TalkTalk from my landline. They repeatedly messaged me I stupidly gave them my name, landline number and TalkTalk box make and serial number now blocking number. Now blocking this number as 3 days / text on and it starts al

By: Anonymous

26 days ago

By: Anonymous

29 days ago
Just been called by this number after reporting landline fault to talk talk. Asked me for personal details and last four digits of bank account. Put the phone down and got called back another six times from the same number. I also tried to call the number back and surprise surprise not able to.

By: Anonymous

55 days ago
Having problems with landline, be in contact with TalkTalk, and since this, the number 07378905544 has sent me text messages asking if the problem is resolved! I stupidly replied that the problem has not been resolved. I had caused me much worry and I now feel incredibly vulnerable.

By: Anonymous

58 days ago
This number 07378905544 answered my call to TalkTalk. It seems that TalkTalk have a serious security problem id it's that easy for scammers to intercept their Support calls! Remember 07378905544. Don't answer.

By: Anonymous

97 days ago

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