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called 14/1/2021 said from talktalk router needed upgradeing. asked for £3 to cover return postage . old router could be returned by any royal mail postman delivering post ?? declined to give any card details . but caller said he would contact again in a few days !

By: Anonymous

10 days ago
Called by the number today 14 Jan 2021 on Talk Talk land line. Caller hung up when answerphone cut in.

By: Anonymous

10 days ago
Received call today to say I was to have a new router with better speed free of charge but I had to pay the royal mail £3.00 postage on my debit card. Went onto my bank account and have been scammed out of a thousand pounds. I am 78 year old pensioner and can ill afford the loss.

By: Anonymous

39 days ago
Haven't had a call from this scammer for a couple of years. I left Talk Talk after they were hacked and data stolen. However, the Talk Talk data they have is for a Mr Harrison, not me. This was an internal Talk Talk error which they were incapable of fixing when I first approached them about it.

By: Anonymous

43 days ago
Called today, said he was from TalkTalk. Told me I recently upgraded my broadband speed (which is true). He gave me my TalkTalk acct no which was correct. Told me to sign on to join.zoho on my laptop. I quickly checked this on Google and it appeared to be a scam, so I disconnected. It is a scam!!

By: Anonymous

46 days ago
Phone call received today. Advised we would be getting a super fast new router, then proceeded to request info from me. Our Mac is running incredibly slow, so couldn’t do what he wanted. He then asked for our email, but it didn’t look real, so told him so and why he’d asked all this stuff, he hung up

By: Anonymous

47 days ago
offered new router and a discount on my bill .he said he needed my card number to cover the cost of post but i told him i did not have any cards only cash so he said he could not sent it if i did not have a card.

By: Anonymous

54 days ago
Said I was going to get a discount because of covid 19 also offered a router, he asked for credit card details but I said I would ring back with them. He said to ring TT general number. I asked for dept and he said Shipping. Too dodgy, no details given and number blocked.

By: Anonymous

55 days ago
Offered new router, required to pay £3 today for postage. Claimed first card didn’t work and required another one. Attempted to take 2x £400 transactions on one card before the scam was noticed and cards cancelled. This number needs to be blocked.

By: Anonymous

55 days ago
Said I was going to get a discount because of covid 19 also offered a router but I declined

By: Anonymous

60 days ago

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