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07854334765 called and offering a new router

By: Anonymous

56 days ago
Called by “James” today. Offered a new router, checked speed on my pc, wanted remote access to the pc. I told him that I was too busy and turned off the pc. Also blocked his number. Hopefully no harm done as I did not give any personal details or bank details! He already had A/c no for TT.

By: Anonymous

85 days ago
Cust received phone calls to this number 07854334765 stating they are from Talk talk and informed the cust they will replace the router which cust disconnect the call due to they trying to access the laptop

By: Anonymous

85 days ago
This number asked my great aunt (who is 80) to pay £3 for new router through Royal Mail. She thought it might need upgraded so gave card details. They then tried to take £1800 out her account, but only got away with £500. Luckily we have managed to get this money back from the bank.

By: Anonymous

85 days ago
Said he was James from Talk Talk asking if I was happy with my service and if I'd received my new router ( which I've had for a while now) when I said I'd get back to them and was told if I did I would have to pay for a new one but I didn't let it go any further said I'd got to go and I hung up

By: Anonymous

92 days ago
💡 The overall rating for phone number 07854334765 is Dangerous.....

By: I8this

99 days ago
Man asked if I was (*my name) & said he was from TalkTalk He asked if happy with the service - I said maybe He asked me about my account details & I told him I didn't know them He said I could ring him back Sounds like the other scams and I blocked the number

By: Anonymous

99 days ago
called 14/1/2021 said from talktalk router needed upgradeing. asked for £3 to cover return postage . old router could be returned by any royal mail postman delivering post ?? declined to give any card details . but caller said he would contact again in a few days !

By: Anonymous

113 days ago
Called by the number today 14 Jan 2021 on Talk Talk land line. Caller hung up when answerphone cut in.

By: Anonymous

114 days ago
Received call today to say I was to have a new router with better speed free of charge but I had to pay the royal mail £3.00 postage on my debit card. Went onto my bank account and have been scammed out of a thousand pounds. I am 78 year old pensioner and can ill afford the loss.

By: Anonymous

142 days ago

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