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Someone called me from this number, unsolicited, wanted me to pass on security details. I asked him to prove that he was actually from talktalk - nope. In this day and age, you make unsolicited calls, you better be ready to prove that you are who you say or it's going to end badly.

By: Anonymous

13 days ago
Don't bother because you won't get anywhere with them!

By: Anonymous

31 days ago
I was contacted today, but they just hung up.

By: Anonymous

39 days ago
Contacted on mobile, was asked security question, how do I know from talk talk, they cut call off, so suspect scam call

By: Anonymous

51 days ago
I received a call on 19/05/20 at 18.31 from 08009555511 from a foreign sounding woman regarding my broadband wifi dropout & subsequently received an email from Talk Talk help and support at 18.41 with a link to change my wireless channel but I don't know if this is genuine or a scam please confirm.

By: Anonymous

54 days ago utter and totally incompetent TalkTalk, no other UK ISP with UK based customer service centres are having trouble replying to and fixing customers problems that this incompetent company has due to lack of UK based staff

By: I8this

57 days ago
Well I've been trying to contact them about over charging me ,on my monthly bill, managed to send two messages on their chat thingy and answered their computer questions, and since then one message saying reply to this if you still want to chat with someone, so i reply yes and im in the most vulnerable group, and three days later still no contact from them, so July its a new isp for me, fuck you and your lies talk talk,

By: Anonymous

57 days ago
Called by this number today after I emailed Talk Talk to cancel my broadband. Man on the phone asked me to confirm email and card number. Research looks to be genuine talk talk number - why are they asking customers to confirm card numbers over the phone?

By: Anonymous

61 days ago
Although a search reveals this to be a genuine TalkTalk number just be aware that the scammers can spoof it.

By: I8this

155 days ago
Contacted today by 0800 955 5511 asks for account holder by name and says they are from TalkTalk FRAUD department - No idea if there is such a thing but thought it unlikely they would contact me on mobile so just hung up. Returned call to number & it comes up TalkTalk Group. !!!!

By: Anonymous

155 days ago

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