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This number called 08009555544 and asked me to confirm my e mail address and bank account details in relation to my talk talk account. Seems suspicious to me

By: Anonymous

10 days ago
call to landline. Didnt wait long enough to answer call and didnt leave message on answer machine. Am waiting for call from Talktalk about ongoing issue but asume this is scam from previous reports.

By: Anonymous

11 days ago
Had a call from this number 08009555544 on 12.01.21. regarding my Talk Talk TV package. Sounds suspicious.

By: Anonymous

11 days ago
Talk talk phoned my mobile, knew my name and said they could save me money on my tv package. When questioned about not sending information by email they said they did three weeks ago. Which talk talk did not. I said would call them back but they said they would call me. Surely a scam suspicious!

By: Anonymous

12 days ago
This number 0800555544 tried to ring my mobile @ 12.54pm on the 9th jan 2021 My mobile has a blocker installed so my phone doesnt even ring if there not already in my address book & upon looking in should i answer ? It flagged up as an unsafe number used to scam ppl out of there personal details I reached out to talk talk themselves asking on both there facebook page as well as there chat and not one have bothered to even reply so now im reporting the number as a possable scammer & completly blocking the number!

By: Anonymous

13 days ago
My mother was called by this number. The lady said she was from TalkTalk and wanted to confirm’ her email address and then asked for her bank account number. Is anyone investigating this?

By: Anonymous

14 days ago
This guy even knew what packages I was on ? Have they hacked tt or is someone selling info , so close to falling for it to

By: Anonymous

14 days ago
Just received a call from this number - sounded so plausible but hung up on me when I questioned him.

By: Anonymous

14 days ago
called to try and get me to go through a subscription. I was driving and i only confirmed my password, and email but they ever called back. Mad that they knew my email and password, but i have since changed my password, and like i say i didnt get give bank details. Number is now blocked.

By: Anonymous

15 days ago
Receive a called today from this number 08009555544 to a mobile phone number that has never been given to talk-talk. I had recently closed my talk-talk account do to other abuse directly from talk-talk. The phone rang for a few seconds and the call ended just as I picked the phone up.

By: Anonymous

16 days ago

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