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my uncle is in the hospital unit with covid and they called him at 3 am to tell him they needed his bank code and they knew him by name. this is so strange

By: Anonymous

16 days ago
Had a number of calls from this number, obviously a scam, please block this number before someone is fleeced.

By: Anonymous

24 days ago
operator told me you were going over to now tv he sent me an email and asked me to fill in my details & card number I refused and he terminated the call

By: Anonymous

25 days ago
I had a similar experience today. Someone called Adam from TalkTalk Business Direct said TT were changing their TV packages. He wanted me to confirm my Telephone password - I couldn't so he wanted me to answer other security questions, at which point I told him I was a bit sceptical about the contact to which he replied (paraphrased) "you can go onto the TT website and check the phone number that I'm calling from". I told him I was aware of the upcoming changes and wondered why TT didn't email me to remind me. He said this was just a follow-up call. I ended the call. I also wondered, as other commenters here have, why TT chose to phone me on my mobile number instead of my landline. Reading other comments here, I believe this was a scam. Which begs the question : How have they got hold of my details AGAIN!

By: Foxyron

37 days ago
Is this a genuine (aggressive style) sales call or scam? Used my first name. said he was from Talk Talk, in which case why not ring the landline you provide rather than my mobile?! Sounded more like a scam, I ended the call when he asked me to confirm (tell him) some security details.

By: Anonymous

40 days ago
is this a genuine talktalk number? i just put phone down

By: Anonymous

43 days ago
I'm sorry but this is fucking ridiculous. Signed up two days ago and already getting scam calls.

By: Anonymous

43 days ago
Called my mobile. Couldn't pronounce my name and couldn't tell me my account number when asked. Said they would call back on my landline but never did.

By: Anonymous

44 days ago
Had call today on this number, asked for security number, when I refused he asked for my email. I hung up.

By: Anonymous

45 days ago
Had a call from this number today 8 th Dec Lady called Channelle claiming to be from Talk Talk - I asked her to email me the information as I was at work - she was insisted I answered security questions first, I refused she hung up, Talk Talk have never called me before hence the suspicion.

By: Anonymous

45 days ago

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