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Just had a missed call off this number at 12:10 today 24/03/2021, didn't speak to them and no VM was left, however, after reading the comments on here I will be very cautious....

By: Anonymous

52 days ago
Received a call saying they needed to identify me, asked me to provide personal details about an online order I've made. Said I didn't make one and asked for the persons name UBESH. Waited to be put through to the complaints but left online. Complete scam. 08009555544

By: Anonymous

52 days ago
Rang me and hung up without talking to me.

By: Anonymous

52 days ago
Asian-sounding male voice asked whether I had had problems with calls or broadband. I said I had but when he asked for my account details I said he was a scammer and hung up. He rand back and said I should ring talktalk which is what I would tend to do to check on any suspicious calls. Can Talktalk t

By: Anonymous

56 days ago
indian lady called, knew my name, knew my house, knew everything.. asked to confirm my credit card and she read it out.. i am scared

By: Anonymous

57 days ago
Had a call from this number saying they were from talk talk loyalty team - I hung up.

By: Anonymous

58 days ago
Said it was "isaac from talk talk" asked me to confirm my email address. I asked him to first confirm how much i pay a month and what date as it should be in front of him, He couldnt respond. Hung up

By: Anonymous

58 days ago
I received a call from this number (08009555544) and they claimed they were calling from Talk Talk. He said he needed my email address to confirm who I was. I said you called me and stated my name so that should be enough. I told him to call my landline - he didn't so I guess it is a Scam.

By: Anonymous

60 days ago
I got a call on this number claiming to be from TalkTalk and saying I had not responded to your email of November 2020 so they are contacting payees by phone. I was suspicious when she asked for details of my password and also the last 4 digits of my card number (I did not give them).

By: Anonymous

65 days ago
100% scam

By: Anonymous

68 days ago

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