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I had a loud buzzing at my doorbell and somebody in a mask banging on my door. I was too frightened to open the door but it happened after getting a call from this number. I don't know who is in a mask banging on my door but I will not open it. I am living in paranoia enough.

By: Anonymous

79 days ago
Had a voicemail from this number claiming to be from Talk Talk order management and asking me to call back on 03451720167 for an update on my account. Am currently expecting an engineer in the next couple of days but a quick search of these numbers suggests they are a scam.

By: Anonymous

80 days ago
Had a silent call from this number on my mobile. Reading these comments it's obviously a scam and yet talktalk are not blocking it. What's the point of call safe if they aren't blocking obvious scammers!!!

By: Anonymous

81 days ago
was called halloween night by a woman asking for 3 digit number on my card. if this is a scam like people claim, why isn't it on the news or talktalk homepage warning people?

By: Anonymous

82 days ago
I was called at 1 am and there was a very friendly lady with an accent who was requesting a tick tock code. I had never used tick tock before. I don't even know what that is. I hung up. She called back twice the next day asking me for the code again. She wont leave me alone and my phone wont block it

By: Anonymous

84 days ago
Had call on my mobile wanted to update my broadband and wanted 2 digits from my password. I said i was happy with what i had they then hung up. Had another call today 29/10/20 said my contract had finished. I checked on my account and does not run out untill next year. Complete SCAM

By: Anonymous

86 days ago
Said was from Talk Talk, reviewing my account. Asked if was happy with speed. Wanted my password. Wanted last 4 digits of my bank card!

By: Anonymous

86 days ago
A man in a navy blue fleece ran from my mother's door step. I asked her who it was and she said that this number called and said they were sending an engineer to her place. She has nothing that needs to be fixed and it doesn't explain why the man ran away.

By: Anonymous

87 days ago
Re you comment on this number. 💡 The overall rating for phone number 03451720167 is Harassing.....

By: I8this

87 days ago
Received a call which I ignored because I didn't recognise this number. They left a message regarding a TalkTalk order with another number to call: 0345 172 0167. I believe that this is a further scam number.

By: Anonymous

88 days ago

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