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Called my mobile. Couldn't pronounce my name and couldn't tell me my account number when asked. Said they would call back on my landline but never did.

By: Anonymous

124 days ago
Had call today on this number, asked for security number, when I refused he asked for my email. I hung up.

By: Anonymous

125 days ago
Had a call from this number today 8 th Dec Lady called Channelle claiming to be from Talk Talk - I asked her to email me the information as I was at work - she was insisted I answered security questions first, I refused she hung up, Talk Talk have never called me before hence the suspicion.

By: Anonymous

125 days ago
someone @ talktalk is selling our information to pakis. they had my full name.

By: Anonymous

126 days ago
Why dont you block that number

By: Anonymous

133 days ago
Rang on my mobile and had my name. Said Talk Talk were changing their TV packages.i said I was sceptical about them as TT had never contacted me by phone and that I had recently cancelled my entertainment package. He said just following up. WHY IS THIS NUMBER STILL ACTIVE? It seems to go back years

By: morleian

137 days ago
Changed to different package 2 days ago and today 08009555544 called about my new order, wanted my password. Some coincidence. Said I would need to look up my password and they'd said they'd call back.

By: Anonymous

137 days ago
Updated my account and within 10 minutes got a call from 08009555544 which I did not have time to answer. Checked online with the "reverse call" and every one says it is a scam. How did they know I had just been in contact with TalkTalk,

By: Anonymous

137 days ago
Called several times. Had my name. Asked weird security questions so I hung up. So convincing!

By: Anonymous

137 days ago
Rang my mobile , had my name and said he was checking on TV packages and wabted my email address. I replied that TT would have my email and that I was not happy and if he was genuine then puit it all in an email tome=I rang off

By: Anonymous

138 days ago

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