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I only received this call after I asking to cancel my talktalk so obviously answered and gave info as they only needed my email address and last 4 digits of bank account number to confirm it was me. I can't see what damage they can do with this info even if it was a scam

By: Anonymous

1 day ago
Phoned me at 7am surely talk talk would not phone at that time.

By: Anonymous

12 days ago
Genuine call from talk talk, confirming my installation time, which was all genuine etc, not a scam, all the people who think it is, sorry, you are wrong

By: Anonymous

16 days ago
I just got a call from "TalkTalk CEO " on 0800 955 5544. They asked my email address. Why? They had it anyway, and emailed me from the above email address. But I'm still none the wiser. Because of Covid, I cannot phone TalkTalk to check.

By: Anonymous

27 days ago
Dont know if this number is a scam or genuine talk talk.Caller Asked for address e mail and date of birth !!! Worried about identity fraud. Can't get hold of anyone in Talk Talk to confirm if this was a genuine call or not. Would appreciate a message from talk talk to confirm either way !!

By: Anonymous

48 days ago
I cancelled my subscription with TalkTalk a couple of week ago. I’ve since been receiving calls from this number daily (‭0800 955 5544‬). Their service is simply horrendous. Customer service representative yelled at me over the phone. Stay away from these scammers. They are just s.h.i.t.e

By: Anonymous

73 days ago
I've only been with talk talk for a few days yet this caller said they were from talk talk and needed to check some details with me before sending an engineer to rectify a fault. There is no fault. They called my mobile number !! This must mean they have access to talk talk data !!

By: Anonymous

79 days ago
It was TalkTalk... Only asked for me to confirm first line of address and postcode. They were giving me an update on my order which has been delayed. The lady had all the correct details. Don't believe this to be a scam as I have been speaking with them over the past few days and asked to be updated.

By: Anonymous

83 days ago
This number claims from Talk Talk, knew my mobile and landline numbers. Said he was Dominic Green from Talk Talk Loyalty Dept when I refused to give him my email he ended the call. Assume he was a scammer?

By: Anonymous

86 days ago

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