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Knew all about my package asked for last four digits of bank account for security purposes then tried to sell me Now tv

By: Anonymous

1 day ago
telling me that theychanging my TV channels and asked me for personal details didn't give any details ring talk talk to see if they ring me nothing on their database or any notes on my account and said a company using same number as them

By: Anonymous

3 days ago
Called saying he was from Talk Talk and gave me a whole spiel about moving over to a cheaper package. Started asking me for details (email address) and when I said shouldn't you already have that since that's where my bill is sent, he hung up. Total scam, block this number.

By: Anonymous

5 days ago
Had two calls from this number both very suspicious. I have been trying to open an account the first caller told me my application had been rejected due to a problem with my phone line. Also that I would be contacted later by someone who could correct this!!!! The second caller had alot of my details and seemed genuine at first until he started asking for my bank details. When I refused to give them to him he hung up. Sort this out talk talk it's loosing you customers.

By: Anonymous

6 days ago
Is this a genuine call or not, simple question surely, is 08009555544 a call from ?

By: Anonymous

8 days ago
spoke to an agent about my tv services and that we are moving over to now tv at a cheaper price. Got the now tv discount they were offering and they removed the boost i had off my account. This was a genuine call from talk talk.

By: Anonymous

9 days ago
This is a genuine call from TalkTalk's TV department. TalkTalk TV will be stopping in the coming months and they are attempted to move customers to NOWTV at discount rates. happy with the service TalkTalk and the agent was fantastic and extremely helpful!!!

By: Anonymous

9 days ago
just been called on above number, said talk talk had fell out of contract with sky but i should have had a mail on 15/10 saying i can get my sky through now tv, would be £20 less and she would send a new mail, nothing as yet but going to call me back. She said i will need to pay the £20 upfront.

By: Anonymous

9 days ago
i was called by a well spoken gent purporting to be from Talktalk, but asked for numbers from my password, so I hung up

By: Anonymous

10 days ago
Phoned by 08009555544 today saying they were talktalk and asked me to confirm my name, then asked for my email address, I refused to give it. They said my contract is running out, which it isn't. They said they would send info in email but didn't.

By: Anonymous

10 days ago

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