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Got a call this morning - not welcome as it woke me up - claimed to be from TT customer service in response to my email - said I had not emailed, so hung up and blocked number. From other comments it appears someone has cloned TT official number and is carrying out elaborate scam.

By: Anonymous

6 mins ago
Telephoned this morning claiming to be from talktalk

By: Anonymous

1 hour ago
Called yesterday on mobile. Reckoned he could give me a better deal on my broadband. I said how much better... he said I would have to give him my account details to compare. I'm not daft... how could he offer a cheaper package when he didn't know my present one. Put phone down on him. P.S. noticed in missed calls they had rung twice before.

By: Anonymous

2 days ago
NOT TALKTALK - I contacted TalkTalk to confirm, and they said this number was trying to SCAM me

By: Anonymous

3 days ago
Claimed to be from TT offering me a free upgrade. Seemed very legitimate, but when I asked him to prove he was from TT, he suggested he ask me for 3 digits from my TT telephone password. If he's trying to prove himself to me, surely he should tell me my password!

By: Anonymous

3 days ago
said he worked for talk talk was promoting now tv as talk talk was trying to give customers a better deal. said he would call back monday.unable to contact this number

By: Anonymous

7 days ago
Husband just got 20 x calls from this number. He never answers as we have a contract where any issue is dealt via online chat or email and no calls. So we know it is not TT that is trying to get in touch with us.

By: Anonymous

9 days ago
Said he was from TT. He told me that he had the last four numbers of my debit card and wanted to check the other twelve numbers. As I do not pay by card I hung up immediately and blocked the number

By: Anonymous

10 days ago
Called claimed to be from TT and offered a too good to be true fibre upgrade with price reduction. As he knew so much about my account, I did not twig it wasc a scam until I contacted TT and they confirmed noone from TT had contacted me today. Then found caller had arung mobile earlier (unanswered).

By: Anonymous

10 days ago
claimed to be from talk talk .regularly calls from this number. Sounds plausible but didn't stand up to scrutiny

By: Anonymous

10 days ago

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