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💡 The overall rating for telephone number 0901 119 0900 is DANGEROUS, it is an Amazon fraudulant scam call, Hermes help centre.....

By: I8this

12 days ago
I was called by 09011190900 on 15th April 2021 - I answered then hung up. On my latest bill this appears as a charge to my account of over £6 !!!! How can this be...a scammer calls YOU and YOU are charged! Scandalous! Please BLOCK this number from my phoneTalkTalk ...from TODAY.

By: Anonymous

12 days ago
ive been charges £6.25 for 1min 58 secs to number 09011190900 - scam?

By: Anonymous

81 days ago
Cost me £25 due to hermes!!!

By: Anonymous

153 days ago
Apparently hermes

By: Anonymous

159 days ago
Apparently hermes

By: Anonymous

159 days ago
did not know anything about the call and number only found out about it when i was billed for £6-13 it was 3rd june at 10-07 for time 00:00;11 destination sc065

By: Anonymous

334 days ago

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