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Last year in the UK, 11 billion pounds was taken by fraudsters, it’s a growing problem and we want to put the scammers out of action, it’s not right and it’s not fair. With Check and Report, we can help you be in control of your call security, check who called you and if it’s a troublesome caller, report it and we’ll do the rest.



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Recently Reported Numbers

We all know unwanted called are an irritation, especially when you don’t always have a way of stopping them, that’s why we’ve created Check & Report and with your help we can Beat the Scammers together, here are the latest numbers you’ve reported to us

Recived a pre-recorded message pertaining to internet cut off due to illeagal activity. 10/05/2021 at 3:00pm

3 days ago

I was called on 10/5/2021 at 1.38pm by an automated voice, saying a payment of £399 had been put through on Amazon (I had made no such purchase) and to press 1 to speak to someone if it wasn't me who made the purchase. So I hung up and reported them to my bank and my phone provider.

3 days ago

first caller asked me if id had a bad internet connection which I have asked me to add team viewer Quick support thinking it was genuine I downloaded it and I was passed over to the "Team Leader" the did a file share with me "to test the router" the text was written in English with Indian mistakes. At the end of the text it had you will be eligible for a refund of 504.and change. i would just have to open my barclays account to check so at that point i closed my server with them which he started to show his scammer colours so i opened the link up again and he got petty because i wouldn't open my sensitive apps and started deleting apps from my phone,

3 days ago

💡 The overall rating for telephone number 07418 355412 is DANGEROUS, it is phone scam!....

3 days ago

A recorded message saying that there had been an unauthorised tranfer of £600 from my debit card (though not mentioning my bank). I pressed 2 and found myself speaking to "Ron" who then asked me to hold on! Scammer.

3 days ago

Silent but with office background noise May have orignated from Nigeria according to some websites

3 days ago

Deceptive site ahead Firefox blocked this page because it may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing personal information like passwords or credit cards.

3 days ago

💡 The overall rating for telephone number 020 3563 6212 is DANGEROUS, it is an Amazon Prime Phone Scam....

3 days ago

Dangerous number! HMRC scam.... 💡 The overall rating for telephone number 01903 924495 is DANGEROUS ,it is phone scam caller! Your protection scam call.....

3 days ago

Scam reported fault with Windows 10 call spoofed from India wanting access to computer

3 days ago

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Scam Calls are a growing issue, not just in the UK but across the Globe, with fraud scams being the most common crime committed in the UK.

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to trick victims to part with their cash, so stay one step ahead of them and keep up-to-date with the latest scams and way to protect yourself.

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