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Last year in the UK, 11 billion pounds was taken by fraudsters, it’s a growing problem and we want to put the scammers out of action, it’s not right and it’s not fair. With Check and Report, we can help you be in control of your call security, check who called you and if it’s a troublesome caller, report it and we’ll do the rest.



Working together, this year we've blocked:
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Recently Reported Numbers

We all know unwanted called are an irritation, especially when you don’t always have a way of stopping them, that’s why we’ve created Check & Report and with your help we can Beat the Scammers together, here are the latest numbers you’ve reported to us

At 1132 a recorded voice claimed to be from BT tehcnical department saying that our IP address had been compromised by a foreign account

6 hours ago

At 1122 this morning a recorded American accented voice claimed to be from BT

6 hours ago

Another BT/IP address compromised scam etc. It would be nice to think they might take a Christmas break!

6 hours ago

I get this call three or four times a day and the recording says To reject this call you will not be charged.

6 hours ago

Supposedly BT Technical Services saying our internet will be closed down.

6 hours ago

Scam for washing machine insurance...

6 hours ago

Call came in at 1024 am. Automated call said they were from HM Revenue and Customs - something about fraud against my name for non payment of taxes. As I pay via paye I know my taxes are up to date.

7 hours ago

The callers are Indian and say they are calling from BT about a problem with my internet they call severel times a week and when I hang up I start receiving automated messages saying my internet connection will be terminated unless I call BT technical department sick of these calls on a daily basis

7 hours ago

This caller calls my home number constantly week after week , they say they are BT technical department or BT internet and There is a problem with my internet, I always hang up as these calls always come from India but then I start receiving automated voice messages saying my internet has been compromised

7 hours ago

Following further investigation, this number has now been unblocked on our network, we unblock numbers for a number of reasons such as it being a valid number in use by legitimate companies which has been spoofed by scammers. You can still block calls from this number using CallSafe free of charge.

9 hours ago

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Scam Calls are a growing issue, not just in the UK but across the Globe, with fraud scams being the most common crime committed in the UK.

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to trick victims to part with their cash, so stay one step ahead of them and keep up-to-date with the latest scams and way to protect yourself.

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