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Last year in the UK, 11 billion pounds was taken by fraudsters, it’s a growing problem and we want to put the scammers out of action, it’s not right and it’s not fair. With Check and Report, we can help you be in control of your call security, check who called you and if it’s a troublesome caller, report it and we’ll do the rest.



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Recently Reported Numbers

We all know unwanted called are an irritation, especially when you don’t always have a way of stopping them, that’s why we’ve created Check & Report and with your help we can Beat the Scammers together, here are the latest numbers you’ve reported to us

Several calls so far today all claiming to be TalkTalk saying we will have internet cut off today, press 1 to speak to someone, press 2 to have your internet cut off now. All different numbers, used call bar after each one but they then use a new number.

20 hours ago

Regarding to my life insurance when asked the name of insurance they hang up

20 hours ago

Hello Have just received a telephone cal;l from the above number - it first plays a recorded message - stating the internet connection has been breached and the service will be disconnected within 24hs - - I waited and then a real person cam on the line claiming to be from BT - and the internet had been compromised - I i did not follow his advice - and repeatedly pointing out we are with Talk Talk - Not BT also Service providers do Not cold call - at which he got aggressive and then hung up - This is most definitely a scam to gain access to the computer

21 hours ago

Caller, American accent, purports to warning us of termination of Talktalk internet and phone service. Rings off after message - no response needed from us.

21 hours ago

This was an automatic message. They have called every hour today since 9am. The message does not run if one says nothing, when it just disconnects. I answered it the 6th time. The message was that they were TALKTALK and that my internet would be disconnected today if .... etc etc.

21 hours ago

This is one number we have been getting, these r the others, 01282999083 01288050582 01286644393 01284730396 We need these to be investigated please, Our homeline is ex-directory. Kind regards Mr s kear

21 hours ago

01912150433,they said that they are calling from London but the number is actually from Castle. I was told that I needed to make a payment to have my internet not be cut off and I simply hung up.

21 hours ago

6 calls so far today all claiming to be Talktalk saying we will be cut off today. All different numbers, used call bar after each one but they then use a new number. Latest number 01282034666. Very irritating and boring.

21 hours ago

Claim to be TalkTalk about to stop my internet. Also 01286008848 and 01288222210

21 hours ago

18 April 2019, 5th call today, different numbers, this time Automated voice call, claiming my TalkTalk line will be terminated today.........getting very boring now

21 hours ago

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Scam Calls are a growing issue, not just in the UK but across the Globe, with fraud scams being the most common crime committed in the UK.

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to trick victims to part with their cash, so stay one step ahead of them and keep up-to-date with the latest scams and way to protect yourself.

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