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Last year in the UK, 11 billion pounds was taken by fraudsters, it’s a growing problem and we want to put the scammers out of action, it’s not right and it’s not fair. With Check and Report, we can help you be in control of your call security, check who called you and if it’s a troublesome caller, report it and we’ll do the rest.



Working together, this year we've blocked:
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Recently Reported Numbers

We all know unwanted called are an irritation, especially when you don’t always have a way of stopping them, that’s why we’ve created Check & Report and with your help we can Beat the Scammers together, here are the latest numbers you’ve reported to us

01278508144: My wife was called from this number today. The caller claimed to be from BT and said that our ip address was compromised. He persuaded my wife to go through a number of actions and even got the name of our bank from her. He tried to get her to log on to the bank. We haven't set up her computer to do this however so she was unable to comply (Hooray). He said he'd call back. When he did, I took the call and refused to do anything without further checking. I several times asked for his telephone number so that I could check it out and then call him back. He ignored these requests. When I refused to go any further he got quite shirty and said that he was going to blacklist our ip address and we wouldn't be able to get TalkTalk to reset it. We have sent my wife's computer to an expert to check it out for malware but I think the Scam Protection and our own security has saved the day. David Balston

51 mins ago

Home insurance scam

1 hour ago

Pretending to be talk talk

1 hour ago

Nuisance Calls. Thinking of cancelling my service if this continues

1 hour ago

Had a call from this number today telling me that they were from Talktalk telling me that my modem had been hacked.

1 hour ago

Claimed, in an oriental voice, to be from Talktalk technical...service to be terminated unless...

1 hour ago

The usual threat - your Talktalk service will be terminated unless you call...

1 hour ago

Your internet service will be cut of unless...

1 hour ago

claimed to be from talktalk, said they were picking up errors on my broadband connection and asked me to do some stuff on my PC, told them my PC was too far from the phone to use both and they asked me to call back on another number off my mobile, checked with talktalk who confirmed its a scam.

1 hour ago

we have had 7 calls from this number today saying they are talk talk and our internet connection will be cut off within 24 hours. They ask you to press 1 on your phone!! which of course we didnt.we just hung up.The calls where made on our land line.In previous weeks we have had similar calls from the same number

1 hour ago

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Scam Calls are a growing issue, not just in the UK but across the Globe, with fraud scams being the most common crime committed in the UK.

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to trick victims to part with their cash, so stay one step ahead of them and keep up-to-date with the latest scams and way to protect yourself.

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