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Menus Don't Work Properly

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With a Zoom of 100%  the "New Site Feedback" Option is not visable in the "COMMUNITY" dropdown and it is not possible to scroll down to it, so in effect it does not exist.  However it becomes visable if one reduces the Zoom to 80% or alternatively if one increases the Zoom to 120% when a scroll bar appears on the dropdown and it becomes possible to scroll down to "NEW SITE FEEDBACK?".   Is this a bug or just a way to minimise unwanted feed back on the new site??


Also if one is partly scrolled down the screen and you click on  "COMMUNITY" to get the dropdown, as shown here:



then clicking on "NEED SOME HELP?" or "INTERNET MATTERS" then nothing happens, one is basically trapped in the "COMMUNITY" drop down until one of the options is selected.  If one is at the top of the screen as shown here:



then one can switch to "NEED SOME HELP?" or "INTERNET MATTERS"


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Hi, OK, I agree that I was working around a 'sweet spot'; but only to demonstrate the issues.


Here is a more detailed approach, in what I'd hope is 'desktop size'


This is Firefox at 100% zoom, Win 10, 32in. diag. display.


Start point is aka TalkTalk For Everyone or TTFE.

Browser window width set to the point where the distance between the TTFE icon and the MyAccount icon stops increasing.

Window height set to approximately 1/3 of window width.

Scroll down to 'Your Support Community' and select 'Community'.

This loaded the six large icons, the first of which is 'Help With Your Service'. clicking on that loaded the 10 associated icons (Service Status Dashboard to Mobile).


Via Your Support CommunityVia Your Support Community


So far so good, and nothng to complain about.


Reset by clicking on TTFE icon

Select Community drop down menu and then 'Help with your service'

Hover over the menu and scroll down.

For me, the menu stops scrolling at 'Billing' after which the background scrolls.


Via menu ar 3.3Via menu ar 3.3


The ony way to access the last three menu items is to increase the browser height to around 60% of browser width, and further still to display the scroll bar down arrow.


Via Menu ar  2.2Via Menu ar 2.2








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Hi, Sounds like you hovering on or around the breakpoints between where the site is adjusting for mobile, tablet, desktop sizes. do you have this issue when you set the window to a set size then load the page and use the menu or is this issue happening as you dynamically adjust the window size with the menu open without reloading the page, if so then that could be why your seeing this? 


Stephen, Community Manager

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@StephenF  There seems to be an issue with the Community/Help with your service menu.


This menu has 11 items that may or may not display correctly depending on the browser window size/aspect ratio.


These pics are Firefox on a Win 10 PC, with the scroll bar operating.


Scroll bar at topScroll bar at top














Scroll bar at bottomScroll bar at bottom
















With the browser height increased by a small amount, the scroll bar goes AWOL and the eleventh option (New Site Feedback) is not displayed.


No Scroll barNo Scroll bar















Then, with the browser width reduced slightly, just the menu remains.


Menu onlyMenu only















If I then click on the side bar it takes me to New Site Feedback.


Finally, with a much reduced browser height, the scoll bar has limited range


Reduced heightReduced height


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@StephenF  Accessing the menus still does not work properly when I am scrolled down the screen and  the 3 options are level with the "TalkTalk For Everyone" link!   Also I today when I went to log in (despite having ticked the keep me logged in option) that when scrolled down the screen it was virtually impossible to highlight and click on the Login option.  However when scroll bar is at the top of the screen it works as expected.


So no progress really.

Community Manager
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Hey @Birchcroft  Thanks for the feedback and raising this issue. This shouldn't be an issue any longer as we made some changes to how the menu works to enabling scrolling where screen resolution or size is small allowing you to see the full menu but do let us know if not the case. 

Stephen, Community Manager

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@TheHornedOne  Just checked, the problem is still there.


If I am at the top of the screen (I.e when the TalkTalk For Everyone Banner is white) then I can move freely between the 3 options.   However, if I scroll down the screen and the Banner becomes black then while I can move from "NEED SOME HELP" to the other options as soon as I select the "COMMUNITY" dropdown I can no longer select "NEED SOME HELP" or "INTERNET MATTERS".


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@TheHornedOne I am now away from my desktop until Monday so can't check if issue resolved.  But it only occured when scrolled down and the header is black


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@TheHornedOne wrote:

'I'll crank-up my MOS Win. 10 Laptop tomorrow @Birchcroft, and check-out how that performs!'


I find that I can move perfectly freely between the NEED SOME HELP / COMMUNITY / INTERNET MATTERS Options, @Birchcroft, with the most recent choice being an overlay on the previous choice; so, is it a case of another glitch fixed?




Insightful One
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I'll crank-up my MOS Win. 10 Laptop tomorrow @Birchcroft, and check-out how that performs!



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lntel Based Desktop PC, Windows 10, Firefox


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Which Device / Operating System / Application, are you using there @Birchcroft?