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Ordering of replies

Team Player
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Is it me, or is the order of replies to topics the wrong way round?


So if there's a topic on Tuesday, there's a reply on Wednesday, then another on Thursday, the order is Tuesday -> Thursday -> Wednesday (i.e. you have to read replies from the bottom upwards).


Insightful One
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As @Gondola has pointed out it is very irritating to have to log in before you can select the far more sensible 'oldest to newest' presentation. I also noticed today that after loading my reply to a thread it defaulted back to the 'newest to oldest' view which was doubly irritating.

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Community Manager
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Hey @demulv 

Could be one or both of the user preferences you have setup, one has been mentioned by Gondola in that you can change the sort order, oldest or newest first the other is about the layout of the page, do you have it in a linear or threaded format, if the order is "mixed up" this means you have a threaded view as your looking at replies to a post in a topic. Personally this layout makes little sense and i prefer linear as it gives you a clear start to end and in order view of all posts. 


select the three dots menu to expand optionsselect the three dots menu to expand options


select linear, you may need to do this for any board which has been set to threadedselect linear, you may need to do this for any board which has been set to threaded


Stephen, Community Manager

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You're not in a minority as I agree with you.  I have pointed out to a Community Manager what a casual browser of the Community will see. And the presentation is most confusing. Therefore, I'm confident that changes can be made to give a better appearance.


I've always used Oldest to Newest sorting. But the flexibility is there and can be useful on topics exceeding 200 posts to be able to view on the fly a sort of Newest to Oldest.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Problem Solver
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Ah yes, thanks @Gondola 


The ordering flexibility only becomes available to me if I log in.  So a casual browser of the community gets newest first without any flexibility it seems.


I could be in a minority, but "newest first" as a default seems highly undesirable to me but maybe TalkTalk surveyed users before making the change and it's actually very popular. 🙄

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Hi @demulv 


The new layout is flexible. Each topic starts with the original topic owner's post regardless of which way the Replies are ordered. You're describing an ordering of Replies as Newest to Oldest.


If you look below the original post on the left side there's the number of Replies and below that is a selector that you can use to change the ordering of those replies instead of Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest. Then the latest reply would be tacked on to the end of the topic and the whole topic including the original post would be in the order Oldest to Newest. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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