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Can't securely connect to this page...My Account- TalkTalk!

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Have Windows 10 PC and phone both with Edge and fibre with generally good experience.

However have had following problem for 3 weeks and feel that am generally getting the run around from Talk Talk customer service and Microsoft. I see some similar problems but with no generic solution. Any ideas?


Problem is that after months of satisfactory connections now when I try to connect to My Account Talk Talk website I always get the same message:

"Cannot connect securely to this page-

This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe security settings. If this keeps happening try contacting the website's owner."


Ironically this only happens with my internet provider TalkTalk's website and specifically with the My Account connection! Can otherwise browse to other websites without problem. (probably including the competition...I haven't checked...yet!)


I am not aware of any changes to settings or practice at my end which may have triggered this.


Was referred to MS by TT customer service, who say they have never heard of this problem of course, but who have put me back on paper billing. A high tec solution from a leading internet provider?

MS advised that problem would be fixed by updating Windows 10 from 1703.

That now completed on PC  (version 1709 build 16299.19) and to equivalent on mobile.

Also formal problem demonstrated to MS with no response.


I use as browser Edge plus Bing as search engine.

Was suggested I cleared caches and tried other browser.

Tried IE with Bing also  on PC Opera with both Google and DuckDuckGo. Same result with slightly different messages.

Tried UC plus Google on mobile also negative result.


Interestingly in all cases the search engines produce list of possible links but say that they want to provide further information but website (robots) is/are blocking access to further info.


Have ensured Computer settings are all at default.


Have seen suggestions such as getting Talktalk identified as whitelisted domain in Homesafe but since I can't contact to web site to do that it is not a solution. It also sounds rather ridiculous.

Have also seen some suggestion that computer settings should be changed but have also tried that unsuccessfully.

Have also used option 1- switching off router and back on again. Guess what. No improvement.

Any ideas would be very welcome including in particular is this likely to be a Windows problem (which I increasingly doubt) or a TalkTalk problem either on website or in router.

I don't have it in for TT as life online with them has been good for some time. I am going now for a lie down but will look forward to hearing your suggestions in due course.


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Hi, are the email instructions available?


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any chace you still have the microsoft email instructions?


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This is just to advise that the problem on both PC and phone now resolved through involvement of Microsoft who appeared to be aware of this type of problem.

They provided email with instructions on how to conduct clean boot, temporary files deletion,checking for any file errors then internet connection reset.

Fuller details available if needed if anyone asks quickly, whilst I am still monitoring responses to this post.

Be aware that whilst MS provided the email they also offered services of their engineer to fix remotely for $99 or if a $149 annual contract taken up. Appeared a bit steep and the email instructions appear to have worked so have not taken up their kind offer.

Fixing the PC also fixed the Windows phone with no further action needed.

I conclude that this was a Windows issue and not a TalkTalk fault.

Hope this might be useful to others.