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Connecting a USB printer

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I have just got the HG633 router in advance of fibre going live next week, but despite being told I could connect my USB printer to it there is no manual and TalkTalk help line will not support any questions about printing.  What do I need to do to access the printer when it is connected to the router?


All my computers have device drivers for the printer installed but I can see no way of finding the printer from the Windows 10 add a printer routines, nor can I find anything in the setup windows for the router - the only options visible on the tab that seems to be for the USB port are storeage and media server.

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As far as I am aware you can't connect it to the printer, the USB socket is for external hard disks accessed by the SAMBA protocol.


The only thing I can see you can do is install the printer on one PC, with it physically connected via the USB to that PC. Then install it as a networked printer on all of the other PCs pointing to the IP address of the PC with the printer attached to it.

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I have just worked out how to do it (assuming you have windows): 


1. connect your printer to your computer and install drivers etc.  Make a note of the printer name.

2. move the USB cable to the router and switch the printer on.

3. open the printers windows on the computer, clcik add printer, then select the button that says the printer is not listed.

4. use the option to select the printer by name and type in the address where the IP is the gateway IP followed by :631.  You can get the printer name from when you installed it in windows.

5. Now press next and a list appears - select the printer from the list.


It comes up as 'Unknown on but seems to work.


I got the instructions after finding a manual online for the HG630 router.  As far as I can see there is no manual for the HG633 which is rediculous.


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I can confirm that connecting HP DeskJet 3520 to router's USB port works. 

Also I tested it on Linux Mint and it workd fine as well.

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I have followed the guidance exactly, but have been unable to use print via my HG633 router: My Canon MP380 printer/scanner is not recognised

I have tried multiple variations, including amending the URL to match that of my own  hub ( I can connect  and log on to the admin interface: I am connected to the router via ethernet. I use Windows 10 64 bit PC; it used to print and scan fine when connected directly to the PC via USB, using the same  USB cable to connect to the HG633 USB port. Similarly I used to be able to stream music from my SD card from the router USB via Samba.

Anyone else experienced such issues please or have some insight? Any thoughts welcome.

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@jpedley, post in a message board in the "help with your Talktalk service" area. This thread is very old indeed and not in the current workflow. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
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Many thanks for the advice - I had found the article via Google: I am a newbie in this forum - can you please suggest where I should be posting my issue please?