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HG533 - SIP Firewall setup

First Timer



I have a Yealink IP phone issued by my work, and I need to change the HG533 firewall to allow the below.


As a test I disabled the firewall, but this failed to allow the phone the commicate out.


I am aware some routers need an expextion rule setup even when a firewall is disbled.


Can you advise how and where the below should be configued on the HG533 ?


Firewall Port Requirements

  • Outbound SIP Ports:        UDP port 5060 and 5061
  • Outbound STUN Ports:     UDP Port 3479
  • Outbound RTP Ports:       UDP Port 16384 to 32768
  • Outbound DNS:                UDP Port 53
  • Outbound HTTP:              TCP Port 80 and 443

f you are running an HTTP Proxy Server, you will need to allow the phones to pass through HTTP requests un-challenged!


Kind regards,



Wise Owl

Hi & welcome spawnian,


You need to set up five new rules (one for each range of ports)  in the IP Filtering section of the firewall in order to allow access to the ports you want.


Once you have clicked on the new tab the fields you need to enter are:


  1. Rule Name
  2. The start and end source port numbers - as appropriate
  3. The start and end destination port numbers - as appropriate
  4. protocol - TCP or UDP
  5. priority - something other than 255
  6. Input Interface - as appropriate
  7. Status - set  to accept

then click on submit to enable the new rule


Hope this helps

First Timer

many thanks...  all working now.. 


Give me a cisco router any day, this HG533 interface is a complete shame.. Smiley Tongue