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There is only one quick and effective way to stop these calls that is the purchase of a BT8500, I have one set up not a single call from any of these clowns has got through since setting it up in December last year.


An unsolicited caller wanting you to use Teamviewer is a straight giveaway that it is a scam.


No one knows you have any problems with your computer unless you tell them.


Teamviewer should be used with caution and only with someone you trust, such as a relative or friend, caution even if you call one of the many advertising help for computer problems and they want you to use it.


Telecom providers can do much more to wipe out this plague, but many don't or wont.


Free of charge:

1. Option to block international calls.

2. Raise the quantity of free number blocking available from 10 to at least 100, even that amount can be used up in a short space of time.

3. Option to block by STD.

4. Option to block by countries.


Providers I know are always going to be playing catch up with these clowns (no offence intended to any lawful clowns) thieves but the above free of charge options would reduce the calls considerably.






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I received a similar scam call today - June 13th 2016 and the caller provided my TalkTalk account number, name, address, postcode and other details! 


The caller had an indian accent and said he was calling from a London address, but the telephone number was blocked on the call.I asked for his name and number, and he said Steven (which is a very unusual name for an Indian) and his phone number was 8000497827, personel number PN84279.

Having provided my personal details as above, I thought the call was genuine, although I am always very suspicious.


He asked me to donwload TeamViewer, which I know is a trusted software product, to give remote access for him to fix the IP Address problems I was having. He had lots of talk to describe the problems, and how it could be fixed, and I was still cautious. He could not tell me my IP address when I asked and said it was for security reasons, so I asked for futher proof of his genuine call from TalkTalk.


He asked me to run the command "access" from the command prompt and told me what the class id of my device is, which apears as follows in the command output:



This class ID is common all laptops, so the scammer makes it sound like he has real details directly from your laptop. At this point I told him that I had a caller at my door and had to go and answer it. I said that I would call back.


I called TalkTalk and they confirmed that it was a scam, but I said I am extremely concerned that my name, address, postcode and account number were provided by the caller. TalkTalk said that there was a security breach last year, but my account was not flagged as one of the breached accounts. I said this is still a serious concern. They took all of the details and will have an investigation.




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There was a data theft back in late 2024 - early 2025 when personal details (account numbers etc.) were stolen and sold on to the scammers markets. Those details are still doing the rounds, one set of scammers use them and then sell them on. That breach still appears to be the major source of personally identifiable information (rather then the 2015 hack).


But as you promote, knowledge is the best defense.




FWIW - I had someone claiming to be calling from BT try that clsid scam - well everyone uses the BT infrastructure what ever ISP you actually use (don't they) !!! They were not aware of my actual ISP.

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Same happened to me today- asking me to download teamviewer because they noticed i had "connection issues" with my internet. Extremely frustrated with these calls, I get at least 10 calls a day which I just ignore, but what is the point in having a landline if i cannot even answer the calls! They need to install something to block them like they do on mobiles. It is completely unfair. I am a nurse doing a lot of nightshifts and i keep getting woken up by these people when i should be sleeping!!!

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I was just called by Steve Watson fro Talktalk. Perhaps he's a relative? lol

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Just had a call from Steve Watson. Is he related? lol

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


We constantly monitor our network, testing and trying the most optimum system management. We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused.

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Still going on; received call from Indian sounding voice saying my system was causing problems on Talktalk's servers and they wanted me to load 'Teamviewer'.

Fortunately I'm sufficiently aware not to get involved but I think Talktalk could do more to stop this abise.

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So, it is now November 2017 and customers are still receiving scam calls to go to www. teamviewer .com. I spoke with both Henry, a "junior technician" and then Tom Cash, his "manager", who then passed me back to his "manager" Henry.

I was suspicious from the outset (a) because the call was unexpected, (b) they were instructing me to do things my end when usually to solve any issues it is all done from there end (like testing phone connection etc.).

They told me that they had received a call saying we had internet connection issues, but also that they were receiving warnings and notifications of malicious content from our address. The purpose of the call was to transfer our current internet connection from an "unsecure server" onto a "secure server" and that the current unsecure server was not compatible with our devices.

I told them that I was going to end the call and phone talk talk to check their legitimacy. They did all they could to keep me on the phone and stop me from hanging up.

I googled "teamviewer talk talk" and thankfully I found this forum, which strengthened my suspicions.

So, I hope like me, all future victims will have the instinct to check before following instructions over the phone. WE MUST NOT LET THESE PEOPLE SUCCEED!






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This has happend to my phone today they gained access through teamviewer. Im also worried they may of stole details. Can you let know if your was ok in the end? Not sure wether to wipe my phone or not.


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1. Get in touch with your bank and discuss security, illegal payment, etc.

2. Ask TalkTalk to set up Callsafe. It worked for me - no more scam calls.

3. Disable remote control. Teamviewer is only fine if used with someone you know well.

4. Uninstall any apps sent to your smartphone by the scammers.

5 Scammers are easily recognised by the noisy callcentre with asian voices calling themselves 'Richard' or 'Steven' or some other 'English' name. Their phone numbers are spoofed.

6. If this happens, put down the phone. Do not discuss it with him/her - you'll only get pressure, arguments and violent words. Scammers are well practised. Rather, contact TalkTalk directly.

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I haven’t posted in a while.

The crazy thing with this type of call is that no one knows you have anything `wrong ‘with your PC/laptop/router unless you tell them, not TalkTalk nor Microsoft. We have a situation where these thieves are exploiting peoples lack of knowledge of how the items work.

You do not have to know much detail, could you imagine receiving an unsolicited call from me informing you your TV has flagged up as showing a fault, (note: you are sat there watching it) I tell you I can fix it for £100, odd, people would simply put the phone down on me.

I was totally unaware of TalkTalk Callsafe until I read this post, in the past I have jumped up and down about these thieves ripping people off and stated many times that it should be a joint effort by providers and the government to stop this and it should be a free service. Well I have checked out Callsafe and am `pretty mad` (not really, I have some BT call blocking phone, not had one call in over two years) it appears to prove a point I have made that telecom companies have the ability to stop these thieves in their tracks.

Very impressed that TalkTalk have sorted out this tool, the only problems I can see is that it has not been publicised too well and it is not clear if there is a limit the quantity of numbers. I am aware that government is still trying to get on top of it so not all telecom providers have a similar system.

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I can't answer your question about the maximum numbers that can be blocked. At first I used the option to block the number. In response, all the spammers had to do was spoof another number and the situation repeated. Then I saw that someone had tried Callsafe and that it worked, so I tried it myself and was pleased with result. The caller just has to identify himself and that gives me the opportinity to accept or deny. They don't and so I never even hear the request - Result! I do have the opportunity to login to my account add/delete approved numbers. Spurious numbers are shown unapproved. I just have to enter my approved family and business numbers.  I think TalkTalk just wait till you have the problem then suggest the answer.

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I've read your message. And thought I could help. 

Go to play store and install on yr computer that is ! 


YOU can read what the app does its fantastic and it'll stop those irrataiting calls you've been getting and piece of mind.. 

Take care 






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All the security apps in the world cannot stop this type of thief people are being plagued with. LogDog is not a free app “if you store private information on your Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter or Evernote accounts, you need to be 100% sure that your privacy is protected against spyware and hacking and that your internet security is maintained”.

The type of thief we are dealing with is an unsolicited caller who convinces people they have a problem with their PC/Laptop/router/other items that do not spring to mind, this in order for them to gain access to the PC/laptop to obtain bank details. Most often than not it is people who are in a vulnerable position and they jump into panic mode when in reality there is nothing wrong at all with the PC/laptop.

A friend of mine had some trouble with her laptop and an email problem, I sorted this out for her and cleaned her laptop up in doing so I installed Malwarebytes + other software, although she had given remote access to her laptop fortunately had not passed any bank details.

This thief was looking at her laptop was in the stage of convincing her of the big problems that were visible mentioned Malwarebytes + other software I had installed as very nasty virus and they needed to be removed immediately for a cost of £100+.

My friend trusts me and knows I would never install malicious software, she was having a bad day caught at the wrong moment it clicked that it was a thief on her phone and hung up. I got a call from her a few minutes later and I advised her to conduct some checks with her bank, I check her laptop again and all was well. The laugh is I do this stuff with friend’s laptops/PC for something to do and for free.

The safest way is not getting these calls in the first place, this then protects the vulnerable or people on bad day being conned.

Blocking these calls either using the blocking phones (which are not cheap) or now using the tools offered by some providers for free.

Since yesterday I have carried out checks of some providers who do now provide a service to stop the calls most of them state they have a system of gathering the numbers and blocking them along with users who can block their own numbers. There is an area for improvement in this by providers, all these numbers should be on a mutual black list, many callers never have international calls, they should be able to block these for free, the same for VOIP numbers from outside this country.

Unfortunately, the providers are always going to be at least 3 steps behind these thieves, an intelligence led proactive concept needs to be set up with all providers feeding into, these thieves see easy money to be made, it needs to be made as difficult and as expensive as possible in order to reduce it.

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using TeamViewer and asked me to click on Join Remote Control Session which I refused and ended the call that as my machine was working OK. I tried to solicit out of him if the problem was a virus and if it effected Windows but he refused to describe further.

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How about anyedesk software? its almost same with teamviewer. When i use it for me sabun is very helpfully

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just stafaband get professional to solved the syntax error