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Unable to broadcast surveillance camera

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I'm trying to publish a video feed from a camera that is connected to a Raspberry Pi running Motion software. I've set up the Pi with Motion and I can view the video feed on my local network. However, when I attempt to view it remotely (i.e. from the internet), no dice.

I've identified the ethernet connection that the Pi occupies in the Sagecom FAST 5364 router and dedicated an IP address to the Pi.

I have control over the channels that Motion operates on and set the video feed broadcast on the reserved IP address and port 8081. I set up a port forward in the router to direct UDP traffic via the port.

I can't think what else could stop the transmission. I read a post somewhere that said it's not possible to use certain ranges of ports but I don't have any documenation for the router software or ISP policy. Any suggestions much appreciated.



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Hi @Vincent5 here are a couple of thoughts:

  1. You say that your Pi is using Port 8081, but you have not said which external Port you have mapped to it.  If you are using Port 80 externally and mapping this to Port 8081 internally there may be a conflict problem.  If this is the case I suggest that you change the external port to 8081 so your port mapping is 8081 to 8081 on IP 192.168.1.x
  2. When you use your phone to access the Pi from the Internet are you using Mobile Data or Wifi.  If you are using Wifi then access will be blocked because you are trying to perform a loopback which is not allowed.  So you need to ensure that the device you use to test access to your Pi accesses the internet via a differnt network to the one the Pi is on.  This can be achieved by using a hotspot, mobile data, or a neighbours broadband.
  3. You don't mention it but I presume that you have also set up DDNS, if not then it would be wise to do so in order that changes to your public IP address don't lead to loss of access to your Pi.

Also some questions:

  1. what are you using to view the video?
  2. Are you sure that it only uses Port 8081?  Or is it just using that as a control Port and then viewing the Stream via another port, such as 554?