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A Lack of Responses...?

Wizz Kid

It would appear that, since last Sunday evening, the ONLY response made by an O.C.E. or Community Star are the two responses made by StephenF to enquiries (originally made last Wednesday) by ‘danwng’ and by ‘lorrainestanton’, both advising the person posting that ‘I've sent you a private message…’

According to my ‘service status’, all appears well with TalkTalk, yet there have been no other responses made by TalkTalk staff or their ‘Stars’ for the past two days.

There have been many unanswered questions submitted by your customers – people whose monthly direct debits go towards the salary of O.C.E.s

May we please have an explanation as to your lack of communication?

I trust that Gondola is well.

The Forum is nothing without Gondola...
Enlightened One


@DorsetRover wrote:

'May we please have an explanation as to your lack of communication?'


With respect to your comment DorsetRover, I find this thread of particular concern ...............





Wizz Kid

I read your response a short time ago and I have to say 'Yes - I agree with your comment'.

I am, of course, assuming that OCE staff are still technically able to post responses to questions - after all you, me and others have been doing so successfully and I am also assuming that none of them have suffered any medical episodes.

I wonder if more TalkTalk staff have been transferred to assisting vulnerable customers.

Is it conceivable that TalkTalk might be making changes as to how to customers obtain technical help?

Does the lack of communication suggest something is going on 'behind closed doors' at TalkTalk?

Why do you think that there have there been no responses since Sunday?

The Forum is nothing without Gondola...
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I see my post was linked to earlier in this thread. This community forum is of little use from my experience. Look at the comments from StephenF in my thread. No urgency or concern that he'd not sent the DM that he'd promised, and he never came back to me with any assistance.


Your best chance of getting help is using the Livechat facility. However, be warned, they will start off by giving you some hope but it all goes south very quickly.


Talktalk are a shambles and something of a disgrace.