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Auto forward not working

First Timer

I want to forward all emails coming into my talktalk account( ****

In the email settings, I ticked the ‘enable’ box and set the Auto Forward to go to my Gmail account. It does not work.

I ticked the ‘process subsequent rules’ box and added a filter, setting a condition of if the ‘To’ field contains **** then redirect to ****”,  again it does work.

If I go into my talktalk email, and send an email to myself (****, it does get forwarded.   Can anyone explain why, coming from anywhere else, it does not get forwarded? Thanks.


Community Star

Hi @dumbo 


I've checked that the Auto forwarding is working as expected.


I was going to do a quick response and say it's gmail that's not accepting mail from off-platform sources because my first test didn't get through to gmail. However, every subsequent test of off-platform mail incoming to talktalk and Auto forwarded has worked.


So, I cannot be definite as yet because there's been no bounceback error from gmail but I'd say it's gmail deferring delivery pending scanning for spam. I'll wait and see if my first test does eventually get received or bounced.

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