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Can I take a payment holiday , I don’t really agree with having to pay just for my email account any

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Is it possible to take a payment holiday , I am on very very little money income at the moment and got to cut down as much as possible . 
I only have an email account with talktalk but even £5 a month on top of everything else I am paying out is too much 

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Hi @Nuash 


TalkTalk has made commitments to support customers and show kindness and compassion as it keeps Britain connected.  So, bottom line, if you would like specific help because of the circumstances of the Government special measures do please let the TalkTalk team know.


There is an Enquiry Form in your Mail Plus MyAccount to ask for TalkTalk help.


Please log into MyAccount selecting from the toolbar Bills & Payments. On the right of screen is a green Help tab. Select the Help tab then choose from the options 'I am having difficulty with payment'.


MyAccount Bills & Payments
MyAccount Bills & Payments Help and support Difficulty paying

There's some advice on what TalkTalk can offer. Select contact form and complete the partially pre-filled Enquiry Form. 


MyAccount Bills & Payments Help and support Enquiry Form


Select the reason for contact as 'I am having difficulty paying my bill'.  Check the form is complete and select the Submit button.


The TalkTalk billing colleagues will get in touch to help you.

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