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Can't access my UK gateway account to change password as its been hacked

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need to access my UK gateway account which has been hacked

cant get through by phone or any other way    tried for hours and many days previous before corona happened    


I've been told by talk talk  that if I don't pay £5 a month it will be disconnected for good   I cant send emails from it only receive    been this way since I was asked to pay more for faster service ,yet when it was the same wouldn't put me back down to old price because I signed a new contract ….I stopped payment and was then cut off...ever since I have never been able to sent emails from that address   


please get a person to phone me so this can be resolve......I have all the time in the world now to pursue this so it would be in talk talks best interest  obscured for customer security

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Hi @Simonyates19 


Your UKGateway mailbox should be active on the TalkTalk Mail platform (sign in here).


I don't know if you're aware that there's just one mailbox for each UKGateway master email address and all alias email addresses associated with that master address. You'd normally sign in to the mailbox using the master email address and its password. All aliases will be recognised and mail sent to the master mailbox.


Early customers to UKGateway email were assigned a master email address and they could create aliases. But your email address may well be a master address in its own right.


Have you set up password recovery Reset details?


Password Reset details should have been set up for the master UKGateway email address so that an alternate email and or mobile number can receive a password reset. Please do try the Forgotten your Password? option.


There will be up to 3 options if normal password recovery options are there:

  1. The mailbox itself for routine password changes when the current password is known
  2. A mobile number for a 6 digit password reset code sent by SMS text
  3. An alternative email address for a password reset link

If options 2 or 3 are available then you have the tools to set a new password to access your tiscali mailbox at the TalkTalk Mail sign in here.  But ensure you recognise the options from the hints. Don't use them if you don't recognise them.


If only option 1 is there or you don't recognise the alternatives then you'll need TalkTalk to set up password recovery Reset details.


Let us know what you see.

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