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Can't access old lineone account

First Timer

Hi there I can't access my old lineone email. Have tried changing the password but the page says 'too many redirects' and then a blank page appears. Can you assist plz? 

Community Star

Hi @mic2002 


There is a fault accessing your TalkTalk MyAccount at present so changing the email password via MyAccount is temporarily unavailable.


Have you tried to sign in at TalkTalk Mail and is there any error message? Let us know what that message is.


The alternate way to change a password is to use the Reset your Password option. If there's an alternate shown that you recognise from the hints, and have access to, then please reset the password by having a reset link sent to either the alternate email address or by text to the mobile number.


If the lineone email account hasn't been used for a while then it may be suspended. You'll need help to unsuspend it. If it hasn't been used for over a year then it may well be deleted.


Let us know.


In the meantime, please update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and Save changes.

 Gondola - Community contributor

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team

Hi mic2002, please let us know how you get on.

First Timer

Thanks for the help I got it resolved ok !

Community Team

That's great news. Thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted.