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Can't add email addresses to account

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Hi. I have recently received the email about the end of free email.  I have tried to add two email addresses - one and one - to my account in preparation for the deadline, but despite several attempts I have been unable to. Sometimes I get the error message "Sorry something went wrong and we were unable to add the TalkTalk email. Please try again later."   and sometimes it looks like it goes through because the page reloads, but the new address isn't added...


I have added the addresses concerned to the private notes section of my personal profile. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Hi Gonzo 


I've alerted the TalkTalk team and you should get a reply here tomorrow.


I'm assuming that there are at least two free slots for the mailboxes to be added so that there would be no more than 5 mailboxes in total.  And that both the addresses are currently active. Let us know if either assumption isn't true. Some customers in the past have had difficulty adding the 5th mailbox. 


Interesting that there are two variations of the error. Usually the issue is of an email address being linked to another MyAccount and so has to be unlinked from that to be added to the current MyAccount. Do you think this is the case with either or both mailboxes?

 Gondola - Community contributor

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No, I don't think so. For the first point, there are only two addresses linked to the account, for the second point, I've had them both since dial-up days, and when I got broadband I had to get a new address which became the main account one. The older ones were never, as far as I know, linked to an account. 


Community Team

Hi Valoire, I've sent you a personal message to obtain the information I need to make the changes for you.