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Cannot access TalkTalk webmail from Windows, but OK from Android

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Over the past few weeks I have no longer been able to access TalkTalk webmail (i.e. the appsuite at

My two email account logins are apparently accepted but all I then get is three pulsating grey dots on the screen and my portal/email dashboard never appears.

Two different PCs show the same issue - one Windows 10 (Chrome & Edge browsers), the other Windows 7 (Chrome & Internet Explorer browsers).  It makes no difference whether the PCs are connected to my TalkTalk WiFi directly or tethered to my Android mobile 'phone (4G / O2).

However, I can still access my TalkTalk webmail successfully via all my various Android devices, both over WiFi and 4G, but this is of course not nearly as convenient or as efficient as accessing all the features via a PC with full keyboard etc ...

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

If so, please could this be looked into by TalkTalk's technical support team - if not, I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what may be causing this.

I should add that clearing browser history/cache makes no difference, and my PC-based Outlook program continues to both send and receive my TalkTalk emails OK (POP3 / IMAP / SMTP servers), so this is a strange problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @MikeSTech 


If there are the three grey dots that eventually time out without sign of the Inbox then first clear the browser cache and cookies. What to do if you can't load websites 

Advice for Chrome browser - clear browser cache and cookies


Then try this approach for the sign in:


Manage Cookies before sign in


Before you sign in, Select the Menu icon (triple line) top right and then Manage Cookies.


Manage Cookies before sign in Accept none


Then select Accept None and when the pop-up appears select Yes, proceed.


Then enter your email address and select Continue then clear the password box and enter the password then select Sign in.


All of the above is when browser cookies appear to be holding up the sign in to TalkTalk Mail.

If the sign in is stalled then temporarily disable Internet security software that may be scanning and holding up the sign in and or re-launch the Internet browser with extensions or add-ons disabled.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Thanks for your suggestions Gondola, much appreciated.


There is some improvement with the Windows 7 PC by clearing all browser history including cookies and then refusing cookies on log-in to TalkTalk webmail, but I would say that is not the whole story, not a complete fix, as I have experimented with it quite a bit over the past few days and the problem comes and goes apparently randomly - it can still occur on re-boot even if cookies were refused previously,  so I don't think having to specifically refuse cookies nearly every time you log in to webmail is a viable long term fix - do you know if TalkTalk tech support are working to improve the situation, perhaps by setting "no cookies" by default, or some other "proper" solution?


As for the Windows 10 PC, that started to work some of the time randomly also, all by itself without deleting browser history & cookies or refusing cookies - but it is still not logging-in reliably any more than the Windows 7 PC, it's just that it sort-of "fixed itself"!

I hope this is useful feedback for the team, please let me know how you get on, I hope they can find the underlying cause and correct it, since I can't believe it is all to do with cookies ...

Thanks once again.

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Hi MikeSTech 


As you perceptively said in your first post... a strange problem.


I don't see the problem at all. I use an ad-blocker. So when these various organisations set cookies and the browser reads those cookies and a delay results then if that delay is longer than 6 seconds between the off-platform TalkTalk sign in authentication and that authentication being passed to the TalkTalk Mail platform then the mailbox will not get loaded. You'll be signed in but in limbo. So normally a browser refresh is all that's needed to get the mailbox to load. 


Staying signed in (automatic sign out disabled) to TalkTalk Mail is also something I've got set in the TalkTalk Mail settings.


I did have a look a while back and found that when adverts are displayed the browser will in developer mode trap an exception. I'm sure when the TalkTalk team get back in action they'll be able to see the same.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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