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Charging for ukgateway email


I have a email address which I have been using since it was provided free with a Gateway computer many years ago.  When Gateway decided to quit the UK they passed on the email addresses to Tiscali who were subsequently subsumed by TalkTalk.  I access my emails via email clients i.e. i do not use the TalkTalk's Mail service and did not request their recent upgrade.  Given that the provision of free email accounts was a benefit provided when I bought my first computer with no time limit, I wonder what contractual basis TalkTalk have for planning to charge me for access to my emails in the future and threatening to prevent access to them if I don't cough up?

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Hi MRL123 


@MRL123 wrote:... I do not use the TalkTalk's Mail service...

TalkTalk Mail is provided free for TalkTalk broadband customers.  Up to 5 mailboxes are offered on the TalkTalk Mail platform and users will access that mailbox via an Internet browser or via email client software or email apps.  It's the same mailbox that you use on the same TalkTalk Mail platform however you access it.


If you're looking for contractual TalkTalk Terms & Conditions they're in a link in the footer of this Community page.


Applying Terms & Conditions that say you cannot keep your email address when not a current customer or just not providing an email service (Sky or Virgin for example) or applying a charge (like BT's £7.50/m) isn't new. Free mail services from Google, Yahoo or Microsoft are not tied to any ISP so if you want free there are still options for you.

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