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Closure of Tiscali Email address.

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Recently received an email concerning a schedule for closure of Tiscali addresses for those users who no longer have broadband with TalkTalk.  Due to a computer problem I had to regress to an earlier OS image and lost the email.  Can you repeat that information for me.  Point to a link perhaps?

Community Star

Hi @Pollensa1946 


There's a strange level of no public disclosure about these TalkTalk Mail Plus emails. Maybe because they're personalised for individual users. In Community we just have the advice article About TalkTalk Mail Plus 


I'll escalate to OCE_Ady and maybe he knows how to get a repeat send of the relevant message.


In the meantime, please check / update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and Save changes.

 Gondola - Community contributor

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team

Hi Pollensa1946, I've asked if we can resend you the email. I'll let you know if I hear anything other than its going to happen.

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Nothing received as yet.

Community Team

Hi Pollensa1946, I've had confirmation that we won't resend that mail as you'll get follow up mails in due course. Don't worry though you'll get several before anything negative happens to your mailbox.