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Deleted email recovery

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I have just received a new mobile phone.

I was clearing the old mobile of all items and deleted all my emails.

This had the effect of also clearing all my emails from my new phone and laptop.

Is there a way to retrieve these ?

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Hi dacro 


Deleting an email account from a mobile or any other device would have had no effect on the contents of a mailbox on a mail server.


However, if the email account was connected to the TalkTalk mail server when deleting emails and deletion was synchronised to the mailbox then the emails may be irretrievably deleted.


If you have not downloaded to a device not synchronised to the mail server mailbox, backed up or copied those emails to another mailbox or cloud server or local folder held on a device or attached backup drive then I'm going to be giving you some unwelcome news. There is no TalkTalk recovery system in place to retrieve messages deleted from the TalkTalk Mail mailbox.


Important message from TalkTalk about backing up emails.

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