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Email Auto Deleting?

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Just set up a new laptop with windows 10 and outlook 2016 using IMAP.  emails in the inbox are deleting automatically, they are not on the server or client.  There are no rules/filters on outlook, I have set up a second account as  POP3 to make sure I don't lose emails but how can I stop messages being deleted?  I have other mailboxes configured as IMAP and they do not delete.  Settings are identical (I have checked them all), so why are emails from talktalk deleting without me doing anything? when you start up email you can see it add new emails and remove the old in the inbox!  


is there a server setting for Auto delete after 7 days?


I do have email set up on an old android tablet but not used that for several weeks (it is not powered on), so don't think that may have caused it?


any suggestions?

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Hi @JCman 


Is this a email address?


First thing, change your mailbox password. Do not change the password on any devices yet until you've completed troubleshooting.


Then sign in to the mailbox at TalkTalk Mail if your mail is upgraded to the new mail platform.

Then compose and send the mailbox a message to see that message in the Sent folder and in the Inbox.


If the mail gets moved or deleted then check there's no Auto forward or Filter rule set up to divert your mail.


While you're there check your Reset details are correct.


If the mail stays put in the Inbox then you've either locked out a hacker by changing the password or you've got a POP3 account that's doing the deleting. If it's definitely only stuff older than 7 days then it's a POP3 client that has got 'keep mail messages in the Inbox' and 'Delete after 7 days' set.

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