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Email: - Not sure how to explain this ...

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I use a Windows 10 laptop and - occasionally - desktop too.  No problems there, so far.


Currently I only use my TalkTalk email address for receiving and sending emails, on the Win 10 computers and on the following devices.


(a)  Android smartphone.  For the last few days when I've logged-in in the morning this message appears: -

"Email (n) minute(s) ago

Couldn't sign in

(My mailbox)"


This is repeated during the day.  Some emails do seem to get through quickly, other are delayed for some time.


(b) an iPad (IoS). 

The last incoming email I've received was on Saturday.

The settings in IoS are: -

Host name:

Username: (My mailbox)

Password: .............

Outgoing Mail Server


('Advanced section)

Drafts Mailbox Drafts

Sent Mailbox Sent Messages

Deleted Mailbox Deleted Messages

Archive Mailbox

Move Discarded Messages Into

Deleted Mailbox (Ticked)

Archive Mailbox

Deleted Messages

Deleted Mailbox (Toicked)

Archive Mailbox

Deleted Messages

Remove (After one week)

Incoming Settings Section

USE SSL Not set

Authentication    Password

IMAP Path Prefix /

Server Potrt 143


S/MIME Section

Sign  No

Encrypt by Default NO


Does anyone have any ideas, please?  I did reset my My Account password the other day and am sure I changed the necessary passwords in the Android and IoS devices.




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Hi @Jonny321


The recommended email settings are Email settings - IMAP & POP3 


The outgoing SMTP server name isn't correct but maybe that's just a typo here

You're not using secure SSL/TLS or secure ports and it looks like you're not authenticating with the password.


I'd remove the account from the device and set up afresh as an IMAP account using SSL/TLS security.

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