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Email Whitelist??

First Timer

I have had a TalkTalk email address for many years and I belong to my local sailing club.  The sailing club sends out regular newsletters but I am no longer receiving them.  I have talked to the admin at the club and they confirm that they have been sending them to me.  But I am not receiving them and they are not bouncing back to the sender.
It might help if TalkTalk Email had a "whitelist" function but, if there is one, I can't find it.
Please can you advise what I can do.
The sender's email address is  Please would you check if this address has become blacklisted or marked as spam (as they do regularly send several hundred emails).

Alternatively, do I need to add this address to my contacts list?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you


Community Team

Hi Sue, have you checked your blocked list to ensure that the sender hasn't accidentally ended up in there? I have checked for you that the sender's domain isn't on the standard email blocklists.  

First Timer

Hello Andy and thank you for the reply.  I wasn't aware that I had a "blocked list".  Please would you tell me where to find it.  I will then check it.

Community Star

Hi Sue


As OCE_Ady isn't online right now, sign in to TalkTalk Mail and then:

  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon)
  • Select Settings from the list
  • Select Mail (left side panel)
  • Select Filter Rules
  • If no previous rules exist then there is no filtering.
  • But if the Blocked Senders Filter rule or other rule is there
    Use the Disable option to temporarily remove the rules

The Blocked Senders rule may have been carried forward from the previous TalkTalk Webmail and it was quite easy to inadvertently block incoming emails.


If the Blocked Senders Filter is there you can troubleshoot by using the Edit option to see if there's a Condition that would have been sending certain emails to the Trash folder.  The Trash Folder is where you may find some more recent emails assuming you don't automatically Empty the Trash.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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First Timer

Hello Gondola (or Andy).  I have followed your advice and I confirm that I do not have a Blocked Senders rule set up and indeed no filters at all. 
What other reason could there be for emails from a particular sender not reaching my inbox? 

In the meantime, until this is resolved I will ask my sailing club to send their newsletters to another old email address which I have. 


Community Team

Hi Sue, I'll have to raise a fault ticket for you. Please add your landline and mobile numbers to your profile and add the email address to private notes in your profile.