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Email access restricted?


Hi all

I have used TalkTalk's services for more than 10 years but left in 2015 after too many service issues. However, I did continue to use my TalkTalk email address. I received an email yesterday informing me that from 10/10 access to this account will be limited. I began trying to forward emails I wish to keep to my Gmail address today. Late this afternoon I was unable to sign in and received an error message saying maximum number of sessions exceeded. Are TalkTalk now restricting access to webmail? I am signing in at the TalkTalk website by the way. 



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Hi Lorraine


I expect you'll have received the email from TalkTalk explaining that if you wish to continue using TalkTalk Mail there's a subscription fee being introduced for TalkTalk Mail Plus customers that are no longer taking the TalkTalk broadband service.


There's no restriction on TalkTalk broadband customers using TalkTalk Mail. There are security features embedded in the Mail platform that can limit usage. If you've been signing in and out of TalkTalk Mail a lot then you may well have tripped the session limiter that's there to capture 'excessive' off-net usage. Off-net means a connection that is not from the TalkTalk network. 


Was there an error code as well as the message?


My understanding (as there's not a lot of TalkTalk information available at present) is that if you don't subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus then Webmail for sending and receiving messages will work for a limited time but email client access may not and the other features on the platform will be restricted. More information is in About TalkTalk Mail Plus.


I see you've been given a date for these restriction(s) to take place.


All features will be restored if you do decide to resubscribe and All features will be free if you return to TalkTalk as a broadband customer.

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Thanks for replying and yes I have been in and out a lot today so that explains the message I was getting. I tried again just now and it's fine.