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Email closure

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Hi There 

I have been informed of the closure of free email accounts. 
I access my emails through Apple so I can access them on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. 
what I’d like to know is when my account is closed, will my mail remain on my Apple devices or will they be deleted when I no longer have access to the TalkTalk account. 

I hope this makes sense! 

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Hi Heather


I think it's worth finding out about TalkTalk Mail Plus to see what Mail Plus features you get in return for the £5 a month or £50 a year subscription fee. 


There are other free mail service providers, of course, but you'll not be able to transfer your talktalk email address to them.


If you decide TalkTalk Mail Plus is not for you then what will happen is that the ability to collect mail messages in an email client, like Apple Mail, will cease. After a further period the mailbox address and contents will be auto-deleted by the system.


The TalkTalk mailbox deletion will not have any impact on messages on your Apple devices.


It's probably best to save wanted messages in a local folder or a backup device just to make sure that these are saved and backed up on your own devices or other mail accounts. When you have everything saved then you'll be able to remove the now redundant mail account(s) from Apple Mail so that there no wasted time in Apple Mail trying to find a deleted mailbox.  

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