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Emails To Yahoo Address Bouncing

Chat Champion

I would go for a divert, but GEG63 might want something different

Community Team

It's the only option that's available, but I have to ask to clarify the request.

Wizz Kid

Thanks Ady - see if its feasible.


The other interesting possibility as suggested earlier by GregTingey is a divert but I don't know how that would work.

Wizz Kid

Well I sent an email from my pipex account to my yahoo account just now and it got there immediately!

Has the problem with sending emails from pipex addresses been resolved or was I just lucky?

Alternatively has my email account been moved to the new server which would be a reason for it working!

Wizz Kid

Hi @GEG63 I don't know, but I actually also got an email directly to an AOL address today, so you could be right.  I'm also getting Gmail going direct to Inbox and everything at the moment. 🍾🍾

Super Duper Contributor

Messages to Hotmail still end up in recipients Spam folder but most of the other problematic domains seem to be working ok. Hard to be absolutely certain though and my confidence in email remains low. 

Wizz Kid

Three Emails sent to Yahoo over the day were received immediately! I am still concerned about the Hotmail accounts ending up in Spam as I run a website for my local allotment that has a facility on it email the allotments Hotmail email  address.