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Emails disappeared

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I have a lineone email address that has now been taken over by Talktalk. I had a few emails saved in my inbox that I had kept, but yesterday I noticed that everything from before 1/118 has disappeared both on line (webmail) and on my iphone.


Is it possible to rebuild the mailbox to get the emails back?


Thank you

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Hi @lottieb


Are you a TalkTalk broadband customer and is the Lineone email account associated with your MyAccount?  If so, just recheck to ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your TalkTalk landline phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add the email address in Private Notes and save changes.  That way the OCE can be sure of dealing with the correct email address.


If not, you'll need to prove you're the legal owner of the Lineone email. Double check that you've added to your Community Profile, Personal Information (Click here) all of the following in the Private Notes area at the bottom of the page:


Email address affected.

Your Full Name.

Date of Birth.

Phone number linked to the Lineone email address when first registered.

Full postal address linked to the Lineone email address when first registered.


Don't forget to save changes.


The personal information is used to verify the details recorded for the owner of the email address.


This topic has been escalated to the TalkTalk Community support team and the email expert will respond to you, right here, to help you with mailbox repair.

 Gondola - Community contributor

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Hi lottieb, I've run a repair on your mailbox. Please let me know if that's working ok now. 

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HI.  Thank you for that.  I have completed the information as requested. Please respond asap.  Many thanks.

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Hi.  I have checked my emails online and the ones previous to 2018 are still not there.

Community Team

Which mail folder are you looking in? Your trash folder older than 30 days will have been cleared recently in preparation for the new platform. 

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I am looking in my Inbox on webmail. If you look there you will see that I have no emails prior to 2018. There are definitely some there that I have saved for specific reasons.  Many thanks.

Community Team

I've run another repair for you, but that's all we can do for you I'm afraid.