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Emails failing to forward from my TT webmail account

Wizz Kid

I first attempt with this post was blocked by the TT spam filter so the following is an edited version that I hope will be accepted.


Is TT filtering emails that I try to forward from my TT account? I am using TT webmail.


My main email address is I also have but I rarely use it due to problems in the past.

Recently I recieved a spoof email to the TT account and I tried to forward it to PayPal for them to investigate.

I clicked 'send' and the response was a popup box saying 'Your email has been sent'. However it is not in my sent box. I have searched all my other boxes with no luck except for a copy in the draft box.

So I tried to forward it to my XXX@gmail address. Same response (except not in draft box) and nothing appeared at my gmail address. I have two other emails in my TT inbox so I tried to forward them. Same failure.


I checked my email settings. I have just one filter set up under Blocked Senders Filter. It is a previous suspicious email address - Nothing else.


As a final test I sent a test email from my gmail address to my TT address. I then forwarded it to my gmail address and everything worked!




I have put my full email addresses in the private box in my profile settings.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi charlieboy99, the problem you were having was part of a wider issue with sending mail and mail forwarding. The problem I'm told was fixed over the weekend. Please try sending and or forwarding again and let us know how you get on. 

Wizz Kid

Hi Ady.

I can confirm that I can now forward emails. Thank you for your help.

Community Team - TT Staff

You're very welcome. Thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted.