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Emails in the ethos

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My Tiscali inbox emails disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Have been trying unsuccessfully to get in touch with Talktalk. My iCloud inbox still contains the emails it should.  No luck with my iPhone nor laptop. Any ideas community?

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Hi @Marilyn77 


If you're not a TalkTalk Consumer (home broadband) customer you may be restricted to webmail access only unless you subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus.


So is this a case of just losing email client access or the incoming mail messages being lost from the Inbox?  Sign in to the TalkTalk mailbox to look at the Inbox.


When Inbox mail messages disappear it's due to those incoming messages being:

  • Auto forwarded to another mail address and deleted from the Inbox, or
  • Diverted by Filter rules acting on the mail messages, or
  • Downloaded and deleted from the Inbox under the control of a device with a mail app set up as a POP3 account.

In the TalkTalk mailbox there's an Auto forwarding option and also Filter rules.


So, the key question is have you recently set up a new mail app on a device to connect to your mailbox to read your mail messages?  Did you set it up as a POP3 account instead of an IMAP account?


If your mailbox has been compromised then any or all of the above could have happened. 


The first urgent fix is to change the mailbox password to lock out any hackers and or devices doing the downloading. Then without changing the password on any devices, to sign in to the TalkTalk mailbox to check Settings.


First, do you need help to change or reset the TalkTalk Mail email password?

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