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Emails marked as spam keep showing up in inbox

Wizz Kid

I keep getting spam emails and even though I mark them as spam when they send more they show up in my inbox.

I was under the impression that emails marked span should go straight to the spam folder but it appears I was wrong.

As that doesnt work is there a way I can block them either by email address or domain.

Community Star

Hi @trs55 


For real spam, as opposed to genuine emails that you no longer want and can unsubscribe to, keep marking as spam so that the Cloudmark blocking filters can learn from you alongside others on what a spam signature looks like from an assessment of content as well as sender. 


The prolific spammers will make frequent changes usually to the sending address to try and get around spam blockers that block an IP address or email address.


You'll usually need to inspect the headers of the spam emails to determine an effective block that doesn't block wanted emails. In TalkTalk Mail select the email and the 'More actions' triple line icon from the toolbar then 'View source' from the drop-down list.


You might see that the spam sender's domain address is unique so you could try using that address domain as a condition, for example:


Filter Rules - Address ends with.png


Note that the Address condition will only work on email addresses in the form Localpart@Domain. 


In this example, I've got spam emails from and and because I'm testing the Filter rule to make sure it does what I hope it will do I'm just as an action colour labelling the emails in TalkTalk Mail before I commit to editing the rule to either discarding or rejecting or moving to the spam or trash folder.


The use of Filter rules in TalkTalk Mail isn't necessarily intuitive which is why I'm saying test it before you trash it.

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Community Team - TT Staff

Hi trs55,


I can see that Gondola has helped you with this, please let us know if you need any further assistance