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Experiencing problems sending and receiving emails

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I have had no problem with my emails in general but I am having trouble with sending and receiving emails from a few of my contacts. Whenever I try to reply to them it tells me that the mail is sending but then I find that it is showing in the outbox and not sent! It also states that it's a draft. 

I am also not receiving emails from the same few contacts.

I have always been able to communicate with my emails in the past, even though I'm in my mid 60s, but I just cannot seem to be able to sort it.

I found in the help site that I could be using POP3 and as I use a few  devices :- my pc, a tablet and smartphone,to access my email that perhaps I should change to IMAP. Help would be really appreciated. Mary

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Hi Mary


When email doesn't send and is stuck in the Outbox it's because the email client (the program that manages email on your pc) cannot make a connection to the email server. This could be because the password doesn't match or because the email client settings are incorrect or incomplete.


First, I'll advise how to switch from POP3 to IMAP for all of your connected devices and to get you the correct settings. To do that I need your email domain - that's the bit after the @ in your email address. Don't post the whole address just the last bit.


And it would be useful to know each device, the operating system and email program.


For example:

  1. PC, Windows 10, Outlook
  2. Samsung Tablet, Android 6, Gmail app


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Community Team

Hi Marjon67, I've changed the settings on your account. I've retested and your mailbox is working normally now. Please let me know how you get on.