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Willow my "micro"staffy (she was a runt !) Gets her fun on a large open common, with "ball" as our daily excercise. Or rather "Balls" Staffies being obstinate, Willow wont surrender the ball unless I throw a 2nd one lol. She then insists on carrying both home in her big grinning gob.  This has the added bonus that if any dog shows her aggession shes too concerned with her toys to growl back. 

 She gets a minty tooth treat for surrendering the balls which also cleans her mouth.  

   The week she arrived I'd reserved a collie cross lurcher from a dogs home, she then became unavailable so I googled "Lurcher free to good home ------shire" and the top result was a staffie on gumtree of all places. I answered the add with a description of local walking places and the owner rang me to say could I collect ASAP. I had been the only reply that she was convinced did not have "puppy factory" or worse in mind for the little 11 week old huge headed pup!!! 

  6 years down the line she is almost my carer. She pulls me up hills I struggle with. She reminds to do things and a few weeks back brought me round after I walked into THE EDGE of a door and knocked myself out.  

    Mans best friend is an understatement !!! 


Anyway sorry for grumpiness and panicking, both are made worse by my health and the meds used to treat it. 

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I was given a Windows 7 laptop earlier and (wahay) It has no problem displaying 

The laptop was given to me by a computer shop in exchange for an amount of sytem building spares that I've had taking up far too much space since I had to quit the builds. The chaps from the shop had a look at my non appearing website on my PC and after a while where also totally stumped, especially as one chaps Android phone displayed the page using my router. Ergo Its looking unlikely that its anything Talk Talk has caused or has any control over. 


At least I have my emails at home at long last, so its much less of a pressing problem. 

 Thanks again Ady and Keith. 


When I eventually find out what is causing it I will post the answer, being as its a known issue teehee...

Community Team - TT Staff

Pete you needn't apologise. It's a fair assumption that as this only happens on TT connections that it is at least related TT in some way and as for getting frustrated well you're certainly not alone in this world with that emotion. I suffered much frustration over the weekend when my van developed a recently cure oil leak and my little cabin cruiser from 77 proved to have a bent drive shaft. Both will no doubt see my bank balance become my bank unbalance when engineers see fit to mug me. Have the CEO team been in touch? If not I'll get a new router out today just to be doubly sure it's not an ip issue. 

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