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Having to sign in everytime (again)

Wizz Kid

I had my e.mail login (to my … address) set up to remember my login/password so that I go straight to my inbox with one click.


The last few days I have had the login page open up and am forced, even though I have again clicked the "keep me signed in", to have to enter my details.  This is a repeat of the problems we were having a few months back. Why is this damned irritating problem recurring? - this is pretty basic stuff.

Community Team

Does the same thing happen in other browsers? Which browsers have you tried? I'm using chrome and Firefox both are behaving normally. 

Wizz Kid

@OCE_Ady  Thanks for the reply.


It's behaving itself today and I go straight to my inbox. I found the problem with Edge & Chrome

Community Team

You're welcome. Thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted.