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How to delete e-mail name which is mis-spelt when I go to log on to my mail account.

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Hopefully someone can answer this. I mis-spelt a name on my e-mail account and when I go to login on my mail account with Talktalk it shows this mis-spelt e-mail. I have tried to delete it but I cannot. Even when I spoke to TalkTalk they cannot get  rid of it. It is not imperative I get rid of it as I have the correct spelling as well. However, it is SOOOOO annoying when I have used it by mistake. It causes many problems so if I could I would like to get rid of it!

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Hi @Kenobi 


Welcome to the TalkTalk Community.


There are just two ways for the customer to delete a mailbox.

  1. Delete the mailbox in MyAccount
  2. Ask the Data Protection to delete the mailbox

Are you a TalkTalk Consumer broadband customer?  You have a MyAccount?


Is the email address listed in your MyAccount, My Mailboxes?  What is the last bit of the email address after the @ - for  example, is it or or


I'll let you know if you can delete the mailbox. The guidance is in Managing your email in My Account 


If you need the Data Protection Team to carry out the deletion under your Right to Erasure then all the advice to contact them is in the following Help article:

Access information we hold on you 

Under the current conditions it's best that you write to the team to request deletion.

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Hi @Kenobi did you manage to get this sorted?