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Need help?

I can send and receive my emails on my Android phone but can't access at all on my desktop.

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Ahh! As per my subject matter !! On my Android phone I can access, send and receive emails. On my desktop....which is where this is coming from....the internet and TalkTalk are functioning normally but when I try to access my email page to read, receive, send emails, (after typing in my email address and password correctly) I am simply met with three or so dots moving horizontally across the middle of the screen as if it's thinking about the next move! This happened a couple of days ago but then 'came good'. It has however now not allowed me access to my emails since yesterday afternoon or thereabouts.

Tried a different server (Firefox) to the usual one (Google Chrome) but same joy.

Any simple fixes as I'm not particularly computer literate!!

Thanks in advance.


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Me again! Now that is really weird because straight after coming off this site I tried again to access my emails and incredibly, I succeeded. An email from this page telling me that I've earned my First Topic badge!! Coincidence? Surely! Still think I need help with this as it now appears to be an intermittent fault. Help!
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Hi Glenn


Is your computer running Kaspersky Internet Security? Do you get any other error message?


You can see these when trying to sign in but the sign in is being held up or delayed by security software carrying out a scanning process.

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