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I can't get on to my talktalk email account

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I have recently had problems getting on to my talktalk email account.


I log on in the usual way. The system gives the impression that it is trying to connect me to my email account but I wait, and wait, but wait.  And nothing happens.


When I click the refresh icon (top left) my email account comes up but with a 'not secure' connection in the address bar.


I raised this issue with the talktalk help team directly and I was told to 'link' my email account in 'my account'. I did this but it did nothing to resolve the problem. Now I have no access to the talktalk help team.


Can anyone please help me with this?


Also, my 'kindle' is 'unable to open server connection'. Again a recent problem.

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Hi @Davetheslave50 


When the TalkTalk Mail system doesn't appear to sign you in it's usually because your computer is busy and the sign in times out.  As you say, refreshing the browser gets you into your mailbox.


You will see that the connection is an https or secure connection. If using Chrome just click on the address to see if it's https (secure) or http (insecure). Some advertising content images and some email content images are hosted on http servers. Browsers do now warn the user of this 'mixed' content from an http server on an https site. It is just an alert to the user. It is not because the website is insecure. 


When the Kindle comes up with 'Unable to open server connections' it's usually a problem that can be resolved by removing the TalkTalk mail account from the Kindle and adding the account once more. 


The TalkTalk email settings are Email settings - IMAP & POP3 (IMAP usually is installed on the Kindle by default).

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