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I set up an account with the wrong email address and now can't change it.

First Timer

I set up a new account today, have paid for installation and arranged for engineer visit etc. After about an hour, i got an SMS saying that the confirmation email couldn't be sent to that email address, and i should log in to check things...


It turns out i used instead of I jumped on to live chat and explained the situation, and after answering a few questions was told my email address would be updated, and it would take up to 2 hours...


It's now been 6 hours, and it still hasn't changed. At least now the "login details" page is accessable, but i can't change the "my account login email". Every time i try it says "the old password is incorrect". I'm not sure why it's saying "old password", nor am i sure how it can be incorrect if i just logged in with it.


Any chance someone from UK support can look at this? I don't want to be left paying for an account that is registered to someone elses email address... There's nothing to stop them from using the "forgot my password" button and locking me out/adding extras etc...



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jambob169,

Can you complete your Community Profile and we'll be happy to look into this for you