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Imap issues with Tiscali web mail

First Timer

Hi, I use my Tiscali email on several mobiles with imap connection to a outlook client. These all stopped working on the 25th April 2018 and I can not set up any new connections using imap. I have followed the help settings but to no avail. The webmail service is working fine. I have spoken to several peolple on the Talktalk chat who say it is a client problem ????

Is anyone else getting this problem ?





Community Team

Hi Neil, are you getting any error messages? 

First Timer

Hi, it come back with the following-


Unable to log in.

Secure connection not available.

Would you like to log in anyway ?





Team Player

@Narry, this is a known problem with Outlook at present on mobiles and tablets and @OCE_Ady has already passed this on to Talk Talk and we are all waiting for this to be solved, as Microsoft have updated their secuity to TSL1.2. This does not affect laptops or PCs, which work fine.

Community Team

Shockwave is right. I'm currently pressing to get an update for you all from the business. I'll post as soon as I get something I can post.